September 2, 2013 at 2:23 pm

Does Social Media Advertising Affect You

It is almost impossible not to visit your favorite social networking site without having advertisements pop up on the side or in little 140 character blubs. This is how social media advertising affects everyone. Social media advertising allows you to find products and services easily, allows companies to advertise to a specific market that will be interested in your product and allows social media companies to earn income from the companies that use their advertising services.


Most of the people in today’s modern technology driven world do a lot of online shopping or at least use the internet to find things they need before visiting a brick and mortar store. Social media advertising targets certain people based on their internet history, their posts and things their friends say. These advertisements make it easy for you to simply click on something you are interested in and be taken directly to its website.

Companies that are trying to get a better advertisement structure can benefit from social media advertising. They are able target specific markets through social media. Often social media companies offer tools that allow businesses to find specific markets that would be interested in their products.

Like any other advertising method not only do the sellers and buyers benefit from the advertising, the middle man also benefits. When a social media site is used for marketing, they will often charge a fee for the advertising that is done, allowing them to profit from the advertisements as well as the company that has designed the advertisements.