July 6, 2013 at 1:51 pm

New Ways to Find Jobs

The digital age has changed many different things in the ways we work, live and play. One of the biggest impacts of the new, digital and technology driven world is that it has changed lives by the way that people now look for and find jobs. Finding a job now focuses a lot on selling yourself online rather than with a walk in or personal interview. You can help yourself find a job digitally by making a LinkedIn profile, creating an excellent digital resume and join online professional groups to make connections.


LinkedIn is a social networking site. Unlike other social networking sites, it focuses mainly on the business aspect of life. It is where employers can find employees and you can find employers that are looking for professionals. A profile on this website will help potential employers easily and quickly find you to see if your skills match their positions.

In today’s technology driven age, almost everything is digital. There are many companies that still obtain hard copies after an interview, but it is important to have a nicely formatted professional resume that you will be able to send to a potential employer in digital form. This will show them that you are up to date with technologies.

There are many different industries that have groups on LinkedIn. Joining one of these groups can increase your chances of being hired and keeping the job because of all of the contacts you can make in these groups. Even if you don’t get hired because one of these groups, you still have made contacts in your field.