October 9, 2013 at 9:17 am

Reason Your Way to Success

The competition for employment in today’s market is steep. Thanks to the growing number of applicants searching for fewer and fewer jobs, employers are using every tool at their disposal to shift through the masses. Reasoning tests and other evaluative tools aimed at assessing a potential employee’s skills are becoming more and more popular. In order to prepare oneself for meeting this kind of challenge head on, it is wise to explore some of the online reasoning tests available to help you hone your skills before you walk into your next interview.


These tests are essentially designed to evaluate how well you analyze and solve particular types of problems. The types of positions that most often require testing of this kind include managerial staff, technical occupations, and those who will be supervising others on the job. Technically referred to as a psychometric evaluation, the content of the exams can be broken down into two different categories: text-based problems and pattern-based problems.

Questions that fall into the text category are presenting potential employees with written passages that describe specific situations that must be resolved. For instance, the number of days that certain employees report to an office and the length of time that they are present may be given. Using this information, the test may inquire as to what day and time would be appropriate to see all the employees together. The topics are generally very straightforward and related to typical workplace occurrences such as the one described above.


Questions that test people based on pattern recognition will make use of symbols, shapes, and colors in a series of different combinations. The test will require choosing the next symbol or combination of elements that should follow in the series, given the previous pattern. Being well-versed in these types of questions involves practicing abstract reasoning and completing various types of diagrammatic puzzles.

The test as a whole is timed, making it necessary to become accustomed to tackling these sort of problems before you actually take a test for the first time. Preparation is key for any job interview and taking practice tests related to these types of screening processes will dramatically increase your chances at success.