December 16, 2013 at 9:54 am

Top 5 Fresh Resources 2013

There are several new tech startups emerging that will help businesses improve their productivity and functionality in the future. Every company should make an assessment of their company and determine how they can incorporate this technology into their company. Here is what you can expect.

1. AllazoEngine

Allazo Health addresses the problem that diabetes patients have when the forget or refuse to adhere to their medications. The device compiles data and studies patient behavior to discover when they are most likely to take their medications and when they are not likely to take their medications.

2. Withlocals

Get a real taste of local culture by dining with a local family in their home or go on a local guided tour. These locals featured on this site have cooking skills that will rival the top chefs in the area. If you desire a home cooked meal, you’ll be right at home when you find a place on

3. Volumental

This company introduced the first cloud-based 3D scanner in the world. This online service is unprecedented and will create 3D renditions of people, rooms, and also objects. The Royal Institute of Technology began the research on this project, and it’s expected to make quite a splash in the coming year.

4. Barnebys 

Barnebys is a great place for starting high quality auctions that originate from around the world. This forum gives people access to all types of art from online fine arts to other affordable treasures around the world.

5. Challengera

Challengera is a service that will help companies meet any initiatives that may exist. It’s a cloud-based program that will help Global Fortune companies.

Innovative Startups of 2013

These innovative startups of 2013 are ready to emerge in the coming year. Keep an eye out for these companies and decide how they can help in the future. We think you’ll be pleased with the technology offerings.