August 5, 2013 at 2:06 pm

United Kingdom Unemployment

It may seem to many people within the modern world that unemployment has been getting worse when, in fact, it has been slowly but surely improving. The recent unemployment trends show that the unemployment rate has been staying somewhat steady over the past 5 years and has actually dropped over the past 30 years. The current unemployment rate in the United Kingdom is 7.7% which is a 1% drop since August of 2011.. When people are considering what the unemployment rate is, it is important to remember that the statistics do not include the under employed or partially employed.


When the statistics are configured, only the average of 2.7 million people that are completely out of work count towards the unemployment rate. There are also around 1 and a half million people that are under employed or partially employed. This means that these people are working to make money that is far beneath the level of money they should be making depending on their experience, education and abilities. The partially employed makes up a large percentage of UK residents that are unable to obtain full time work.

Job rates also vary greatly within different parts of the UK. While many of the larger Northern cities and production areas have high rates, as few as 1/4 of homes in the South are unemployed. This means that for every four homes, there is only one that has a major breadwinner in the home.